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Planet Pit World Tour 2012

pitbullContinuing his crossover into Pop success, Pitbull selected Briere Production Group to support his 2012 Planet Pit World Tour.

Foh Console: AVID Profile
Speakers: d&b audiotechnik J8/J12, JSub, B2, Q7 and Q1.
Amps: d&b audiotechnik D12
Processing: Dolby Lake
Power Distro: Theatrixx
Snake Assemblies: Whirlwind
Mon Console: AVID Profile
Speakers: d&b audiotechnik Q1, B2, M4, Sennheiser G3 IEM’s
Amps: d&b audiotechnik D12
Mics: Shure, Sennheiser, AKG, Radial

Control: Grand MA
Fixtures: VL3000Spot, VL3500wash, Clay Paky Sharpies, Atomic Strobes, 4 Lites.
Dimming: ETC Sensor
Truss: GT Tyler Truss
Rigging: CM Motors

LED: Visual LED STP18
Switcher: Roland V-800HD