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The Make It Happen Lease in 5 easy steps

(or how we make leasing fun). If your equipment dealer doesn’t offer The Make It Happen Lease from National Leasing (don’t forget to ask), you can still make it happen by following these five easy steps.

Step 1 — Go shopping.

Find the equipment you want at the equipment dealer of your choice. Make sure to record any identifying specifications and options that you want, along with an approximate cost.

Step 2 — Take 5 minutes.

Take five minutes to complete our simplified online application form. We’ll ask you about some basic information regarding your business and the equipment you want. We promise it will be easy.

Step 3 — Have a chat with us.

We’ll give you a call to review the details of your submission and some of the lease options available to you. We’ll then contact your equipment dealer to negotiate purchase of the equipment you want.

Step 4 — Receive your equipment.

Upon approval of your lease and finalizing lease documentation, we'll contact your equipment dealer to notify them that payment is on its way (typically within 48 hours of approval). You just sit back and wait for them to deliver your equipment. Enjoy!

Step 5 — Repeat as required.