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We are providing the information to assist you in preparing payment documentation, and to avoid billing errors that result in payment delays. We are continually improving our systems and processes to increase our speed and efficiency in delivering this service to you. However, the quality of our service also depends on the accuracy of information provided in your invoice. 

Your review of and adherence to this guidance will help minimize problems and make the payment process flow more smoothly. The information is intended to explain the payment requirements, policies, and standard invoice provisions.

The following criteria must be met in prior to submitting invoicing to Briere Production Group:

1) Signed BPG Tier sheet must be submitted and approved by managment
2) Signed acceptance of the Briere Handbook submitted and received by managment
3) If tour rate applies you need written confirmation from your rep confirming your weekly rate

The following criteria must be met when invoicing Briere Production Group:
1) Fill out the fillable BPG excel invoice template. Please ask Operations to email the excel template to you. (pdf example below)
2) Any authorized expense reimbursement requires all receipts to be submitted. Please write details on top of receipts.

2) It is your responsibility to submit your invoice direct to payroll "at" briereproductiongroup.com in order to be processed.
3)The cut off for all invoicing is the 8th and 22nd every month by midnight PST, cheques will be available by 4pm on the 15th or last day of the month.

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