Motorola DTR650 Digital Two-Way Radio

The DTR650 operates at 900 MHz with enhanced communication options such as Digital One-to-Many Calling (Public Group Call and Private Group Call), to allow mass notification in one transmission. The Radio also provides exceptional performance, pristine digital clarity, and offers a greater area of coverage up to 350,000 square feet.

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The Digital Difference
With longer battery life and digital audio quality that is clean and crisp within coverage areas, the DTR650 is the clear choice for on-site communication. It also has advanced message capabilities, with the potential to transmit 25 available and 10 preprogrammed messages, for quick communications in situations when voice/audibles are not possible.
One Radio for All

The DTR650 series was designed for many different applications and situations, one of them being small businesses. With the DTR650 digital on-site communication for small businesses has never been easier. The wide area coverage, crisp audio, and programmable features offered by the DTR650 make it a great choice for all types of professions. Whether you’re a principal, plant supervisor, security officer or retail professional, you can rely on the DTR650 radio to boost productivity, cut downtime and strengthen service.