d&b audiotechnik KSL8 line loudspeaker

The KSL8 and KSL12 line array modules are specifically designed for medium to large scale sound reinforcement. Sharing the same vertical directivity, size, footprint, weight, rigging and driver complement, up to twenty-four KSL loudspeakers can be flown in vertical columns. The 2-Way active design combines ingenious cabinet geometry with forward and side firing low frequency drivers, these couple towards the front, cancel towards the rear and increase low frequency headroom. The driver compliment is completed by a hornloaded mid range and three high fequency drivers mounted to a waveshaping device. The 80°
horizontal directivity pattern of the KSL8 is seamlessly maintained down to the lowest frequencies the loudspeaker produces, while the high output capability can cover a distance range of over 100 m (330 ft), depending on the climatic conditions. The KSL12 has a wider horizontal dispersion pattern of 120° which is also maintained over the entire operating range.

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The KSL8 line array module produces an 80° constant directivity dispersion pattern in the horizontal plane over the entire operating bandwidth. The KSL8 houses two 10″ neodymium forward facing LF drivers and two side firing 8″ neodymium LF drivers. A coaxial mid-high section contains an MF horn with an 8″ driver and two 1.4″ exit, 3″ voice coil HF compression drivers mounted to a dedicated wave shaping device.