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Briere can help cover all your production needs in affordable service packages. We’ll cover your consultation, project management, design & engineering, installation, training, service, and support.


Audio-Visual projects start with an initial client consultation. Our design engineers will meet with your team and gather all the information necessary to acquire a broad understanding of your specific needs. We’ll help you discover what types of systems will benefit your facility and sift through the endless equipment options to develop an initial project scope.


We believe project management is the most critical element of any project. Project management is a thought process, not just the role of the project manager or lead installer, but a key metric that drives the success of every project. From day one, we look at every necessary task to successfully execute an integration project. Our team outlines every activity from equipment procurement, logistics, and engineering, to installation, commissioning, and training. We provide schedules and a path to completion that will keep the entire project on track and within budget. This approach allows us to repeatedly deliver accurate project scopes and budgets without the headache of endless change orders and “scope creep.” Our project management team has over 15 years of experience managing projects.


Our Design & Engineering Department uses all the latest tools to deliver system designs, engineering, and construction documents second to none. In addition to AV systems, BPG has in-house acoustic engineers that can design acoustic treatment and sound isolation systems for any performance or production facility. We also provide on-site measurement and analysis of AV system performance, room acoustics, and sound isolation construction. These measurements are helpful for verifying system performance and identifying any issues, so they don’t become a problem; before or after any work is performed.


Our installers are trained and certified to industry standards and receive ongoing training through manufacturer sponsored programs as well as our in-house training programs. In addition to technical certifications, our field installers receive ongoing safety training to meet OSHA standards for construction practices and also receive first-aid training to ensure they are prepared to work on any job-site.


Even with the most well-designed system, there is still the need for a human interface. Owning the best equipment in the world is no guarantee that the system will perform as intended without a thoroughly trained and experienced tech crew. BPG can and will train your staff to become experts in the operation of the systems we install.

Every project we complete includes a budget for basic operational training. We can also provide ongoing training and specific training on any technologies we offer. In some cases, we can even provide on-site technicians to operate your systems for mission-critical productions or events. With access to a full inventory of AV equipment for rentals and some of the best technicians in the world, we can support any level of production with world-class service.


In addition to our integration team, BPG operates a dedicated service department for maintenance and repairs on systems that we have installed, as well as systems installed by other integrators. We can troubleshoot and repair almost any AVL technology with in-house field and bench technicians.

Our field technicians arrive at your facility with an assortment of commonly used repair parts and tools to quickly diagnose and repair your system. If we find equipment that needs component level repair, our bench technicians can typically fix it. If equipment requires replacement or a repair we can’t handle in-house, we can sometimes arrange for loaner or rental equipment to get you back up and running ASAP. We also offer extended service and maintenance contracts for most systems and have options for 24-hour and sometimes same-day response times.