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Briere Labour

Briere Labour offers complete staffing solutions for the event and entertainment industry. Our crew is diversified and knowledgeable working in all settings from intimate performances to large scale productions, festivals, and tours.

Scale up your human capacity with staffing solutions for your productions.

We can provide a wide range of services from beginning to end including project management, consultation, production design, technical operators, and general support. Our labour services help to deliver your creative vision and bring communities together through shared positive experiences.

4 Great Reasons To Work With Briere

We Provide

  • Production & Site Managers
  • Stage Managers
  • Audio, Lighting, Video and Backline Technicians
  • Riggers
  • Stage Hands


Briere Labour understands the importance of providing dependable labour that can complete your project requirements on time and within budget.


Briere Labour offers experienced and qualified crew that can elevate the delivery of your production services for all stakeholders.

Customer Service

Briere Labour will provide the best possible customer service. Our crews are respectful, considerate and attentive to your every need and professional in representing your company.

Or call our Sales Department at 604.299.1026 or Toll-Free 1-855-854-9317 | Serving N. America since 2005.