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Stageright CC-500 Crowd Control Barricade now in Rentals

| Chris Briere |

Briere Production Group adds Stageright CC-500 Crowd Control Barricade to our Rentals Department. Get rock-solid security and spectator safety. You’ll get superior crowd control with the utmost in safety and visibility. Multiple safety features are integrated into the design to protect both security and patrons. Each piece is designed for easy handling and storage. No lifting, twisting, or tools are required.

  • Utmost in Safety for Patrons and Security

    Solidly constructed crowd control barricades with tapered floors reduce tripping and rounded tops minimize injury. Built-in step for better security management.

  • Easy Barricade Setup

    Each piece is designed for easy handling and storage. Simply set in location and lift to locked position. Combine multiple units fast and easy. Multiple barricades set up easily and lock together without the use of tools.

  • Compact Stage Barricade Storage

    The CC-500 Crowd Control Barricade folds flat for easy and compact storage.

  • Barricade Mesh Walls

    Provide greater visibility for security and fans. Allows lights, smoke, and sound to pass through.

  • Accessories

    Transport Cart compactly stores eight folded barricade units and features easy to move casters. Add-on Step extension bridges the back of two crowd control barricade units giving security a larger platform. Optional Corner pieces allow for thrust layouts to create inside and outside angles for your crowd control barricade.

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