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Technical Management

Production Managers are responsible for the organization and execution of a successful event utilizing designers and technicians. Our staff helps bridge the gap of great gear and a great show; bringing your event a memorable experience and an event that runs smoothly, handles challenges like a pro and creates an on-target event.

The Process

  • Project initialization
  • Planning and implementation
  • Onsite execution
  • Post event analysis

Design Solutions

Let us show you and your clients what your ideas look like. Sit down with a designer to create site layouts and stage renderings to make sure your design elements will fit into the venue with adequate spacing. Don’t have the venue layout? We’ll draw one out for you!


BPG can provide a dedicated space for clients to pre-visualize their lighting and video in a virtual 3D environment in advance of selecting equipment or producing scenic elements. The primary reasons clients use pre-visualization are to visualize different looks or integrated movement in a virtual environment, to determine the best methods for reaching their design goals, to allow producers to pitch creative ideas to their clients, and to rough-in cue structure for the show in advance of arrival at the show venue.

Staffing Solutions

  • Designers
  • Production Managers
  • Site Managers
  • Stage Managers
  • Audio, Lighting, Video, and Backline Technicians
  • Riggers & General Stage Hand Labor
  • Drivers

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