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Virtual Production

Take advantage of our expertise with virtual production workflows and the latest technology to create fully immersive experiences for your virtual broadcasts, commercials, tv or movie shoots, product reveals, corporate events and more. Our vast inventory contains the latest in lighting, video, and audio production equipment.

Advantages Of Using Virtual Production LED Wall

Virtual production LED walls can not only save time by taking things virtually, but they also help save costs. For instance, it eliminates traveling time and additional costs. Also, the revisions and decisions are more creative and are conducted in earlier phases to ensure correct production decisions are being made.

Enhance Visibility

With the help of virtual production LED walls, everyone involved in the production process will have an in-depth understanding of pre-vis to post-production. In addition, the LED walls, green screens, and virtual cameras can show what’s being captured, so everything is fully visible.

Speed Up The Shooting Process

Virtual production LED walls allow the teams to speed up the production and shooting process without any interruptions. Also, virtual production involves changing the digital assets quickly, resulting in several shots in a limited timeframe. Not to forget, the producers allow control over lighting, weather, object placement, and time.

Break The Time And Regional Restrictions

Virtual production can be completed through decentralized teams without any time and regional restrictions. In addition, the producers can create a team of specialists and creative, irrespective of the location, without increasing the costs!

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